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National Fire Heritage Register of New Zealand
National Fire Heritage Register of New Zealand
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This register uses Museum Archive Software created and supplied by Jim Halpin. Being an "off-the-shelf" product it is not 100% perfect for our needs. Over time the register will be customised to better meet our needs.

At this stage the Register is focused on Fire Appliances
other types of objects will be added in the future.

View the Register

1. You start with a list of Fire Appliances that are sorted by year.
2. Simply look for the year and model of any fire appliance you wish to see.
3. Click on your selected fire appliance to see the details.
4. You have 3 tabs "Details", "Images" & "Notes", these are self-explanatory.
5. To go to another object click the "By Name" tab at the top and repeat.
6. To come back to these instructions click the "Home" Tab
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