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National Fire Heritage Register of New Zealand
National Fire Heritage Register of New Zealand
1938 Ford - V8
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Object ID 000130

Object Name 1938 Ford - V8

Object Desc Reg No. ADQ987 Engine No. C11A-6520-C2

Collection Ashburton Fire Museum

Accession # 130

Alternate ID

General Category Other Objects

Category Fire Appliances


Source Category Collection

Accession Date JAN 1,1960


Location Ashburton Fire Museum

Object Date 1938

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status 01 In Register

Object Keywords



Date JUL 6,2017

Notes 1938 first registered

Date JUL 6,2017

Notes 1940 - Served in Ashburton until 1976

Date JUL 6,2017

Notes Previous Reg JA7897 expired re-registerd on18-7-2001