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National Fire Heritage Register of New Zealand
National Fire Heritage Register of New Zealand
1973 Ford - D600 1013A
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Object ID 000088

Object Name 1973 Ford - D600 1013A

Object Desc Reg No. GR2662 Engine No. CLOIMY09821 Chassis No. CLOIMY09821

Collection Fire Services Historical Society (Inc,)

Accession # 88

Alternate ID AP1050

General Category Other Objects

Category Fire Appliances


Source Category Collection

Accession Date JAN 13,2000


Location Hall of Flame - Christchurch

Object Date 1973

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status 02 - Awaiting Photograph

Object Keywords Fire Appliance,



Date SEP 16,2016

Notes Served in Temuka VFB, St Andrews VFB and Moana VFB

Date SEP 16,2016

Notes 13-01-2000 transferred to Fire Services Historical Society (Inc.)