Who We Are

Hall of Flame entryThe Fire Services Historical Society was founded in January 1968.  We were registered as an incorporated society in December 1970 (No.220281).  We registered with the Charities Commission as a charitable entity in June 2008 (No.CC41931).
The society has been very successful over the years in collecting a valuable range of fire appliances, fire related artefacts, historic photographs and other items of historic interest.

Sumner2Today, our collection is anecdotally the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world.  Currently we have over 80 firefighting appliances in our collection, ranging from an 1860 Merryweather manual pump to a 1991 Dennis appliance.  We have such oddities as leather fire hose held together by rivets, glass extinguisher grenades that were thrown at fires, wooden water mains from early reticulation systems – and the list goes on.
We have about 65 members who bring with them an amazing range of skills, which they contribute freely to our cause.
As the New Zealand Fire Service continues to evolve and undertake a wider range of emergency work in the community, today’s equipment and practices will become tomorrow’s history and our collection will continue to grow.




We will need to be there
Preserving the Past – Protecting the Future