What We Do

We run the Hall of Flame Fire Museum in Ferrymead Heritage Park, Christchurch.  We can do this because we:

Restore Fire Engines:




From this       -------------        To this






Preserve Firefighting Equipment:

1Foam ExtBranches, nozzles, extinguishers, ladders, hose (from leather to synthetic), fire buckets, waterway equipment, etc.


Display Uniforms and Protective Clothing:

Smoke HelmetHelmet (Brass to Kevlar), tunics (wool to specialised flame resistant PBI), trousers, gloves, etc.  We have breathing apparatus ranging from smoke hoods to the  positive pressure units firefighters use today.







LaurieDigitize and Preserve Photographs:
We digitize and restore our range of  historic photographs and  store the originals in conditions to prevent further deterioration.

Collect and Restore Rescue Equipment:
The modern fire service uses Jaws of Life and other hydraulic and air operated rescue equipment on a daily basis.  Our displays have been expanded to include the early examples of this equipment.

Tell the Story:
Our displays aim to tell the evolutionary story of Fire Brigades in New Zealand and the influences of other countries on our development over the years.

Plan for the Future:
The Fire Service is taking on new roles in emergency response work, e.g. Urban Search and Rescue as witnessed in the recent earthquakes, vehicle crash rescues, industrial accidents, medical emergencies are
all growing parts of normal activities.

Our museum will expand to cover this evolving history.