The National Fire Heritage
Register of New Zealand

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If it was worth restoring – it is worth letting others know about it.



What Is The Register?
With the support of the Fire Service and the UFBA, the Society is developing a register of fire related heritage items held by Brigades, societies, museums and private collectors throughout New Zealand.  The Register will be published on the internet and be available to everyone. 

How Far We Have Got:
To be honest it is somewhat disappointing.  We have received details from only about 20 Brigades & Collectors.  The information they have provided has been entered into the register and is published on the internet.  At this stage we are seeking and entering data only on Fire Appliances.  Details of other heritage items will be asked for later.
The information we have received is good, but there is still a lot more out there to be collected.

Please Help:
We know there are a lot more appliances out there that deserve to be included in a national register, we need to know the correct people to contact to collect the accurate information.
If you or your brigade has one or more Fire Appliances, or if you know of any individuals, brigades, museums, societies, etc. that have fire related heritage items in their collection, please email us at

If you think this project is worthwhile
please help us make it a reality

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